Missourians Show Utmost Disrespect to Obama, The Only Afro in the Whitehouse

During a rodeo at the Missouri State Fair, crowds cheered enthusiastically when an announcer asked if they should have bulls run down a clown wearing an Obama mask.  They also displayed an Obama dummy during bull run.  A disturbed spectator said, “It was feeling like some kind of Klan rally you’d see on TV.” Read Yahoo News coverage here.

Personally, I am grateful for events like this because they expose the living, breathing racism that still exists in America. Obama’s presidency, perhaps more than any event in modern history, has unveiled the darkness that still dwells in the hearts of many Americans. No one can deny that the country has made amazing progress in the past 60 years since the height of the civil rights movement. However, to believe that we are in a post-racial society is to be deliberately blind to reality.