Unwritten Rules – Hilarious YouTube Series About Race in the Workplace

A friend sent me a link to this wonderful series on YouTube called The Unwritten Rules, which chronicles some of the ackward interactions that the only Black co-worker might encounter in the office.  Some of the incidents may seem over-the-top, but sadly, they aren’t that far off the mark, and I’d bet that there’s a Black co-worker out there somewhere that has encountered each of these issues.  What I like about the series is that it does not vilify the white co-workers.  These are not rabid racists out to get the Black co-worker.  They are simply, blissfully ignorant, and their comments are generally not meant to harm.  I think that the series can be a good conversation starter for workplace diversity prorams.  Kudos to the creator, writers and actors. In  Episode 4 of The Unwritten Rules deals with Black hair and all the questions that it can raise in the workplace.  As the Only Afro in the Room, I can certainly relate.